The Dark Web

Dark Web – For the purposes of this project, I will use the definition by Sherman & Price (as cited in Lievrouw): “[the Dark Web is compromised by] websites that are outdated, broken, abandoned, or inaccessible using standard web browsing techniques” (Lievrouw, 70). Specifically the description of “inaccessible” is adequate for our understanding. As we will discover later in this project, many of the sites on the Dark Web strive to be private, or at least only accesible to those who know what they’re looking for.

The Dark Web

The Dark Web (c) Army of Trolls

The BBC defines the Dark Web as “anonymous, virtually untraceable global networks used by political activists and criminals alike” (Goldberg, BBC).

What makes the Dark Web so appealing to users is precisely the anonymity associated with it: “and to some supporters of the dark web, its anonymity is its virtue” (ibid). Anonymity on the Dark Web is one of the major facets of my argument, and specifically how this anonymity is used by deviant subcultures, mainly pedophiles, terrorists, and political activists.

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