Weapons and Murder

On a related note of crime on the Dark Web, we come to Weapons and Murder. As we noted in the last section, the crimes committed on the Dark Web are not especially novel, but rather the publicity and relative ease of being on the Internet makes the black market accessible to anyone with a bit of technical finesse.

Quite possibly the most terrifying instance of hired crime on the Dark Web were assassinations. One Dark Web site, whose only content is text offering their services along with a photograph showing an idyllic beach scene, is “Zanzibar’s Underground Marketplace,” which offers drugs, weapons, stolen electronics, and the services of a hitman:

Zanzibar's Marketplace

Source: Author’s Screenshot

Whether or not Zanzibar, whoever he or she may be, is committing murder, they are at least facilitating the process. Whether the name is intentionally referring to some Middle Eastern stereotype of a criminal space, it proves at least that there is some kind of association between the Dark Web as a deviant space, and traditionally-considered deviant spaces, like the Arab Marketplaces often described in Orientalist texts as places of vice.

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