While this project has focused on deviance on the Dark Web, it is important to remember that this is only a portion of all the content on the Dark Web. It’s akin to using fanfiction to represent the whole Internet — there is just so much varied information out there that it makes sense to focus on specific aspects.

The Dark Web, while a tool for pedophiles and extremists, is also a tool for scientists, government officials, professors, and anyone just looking for privacy. One example of this is a New England lawyer who keeps an anonymous blog on the Dark Web since publishing his views on certain subjects might hurt his business.

The point of highlighting these deviant subcultures on the Dark Web is precisely that they don’t only exist digitally. Dissidents have been around for years, and pedophilia has been in the history books for thousands of years. What is new though is that because of the regulation of the Surface Web, these subcultures are forced to retreat to the Dark Web where they are mostly free to pursue their interests.

Relegating subcultures to a specific area out of public view doesn’t stop them, in fact, it is empowering as communities are created.

Regardless of if the Dark Web exists or not, the aforementioned activities still occur. The Dark Web just provides an easy way to connect with people of similar interests, and to facilitate further interaction.

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