Logging On

Accessing the Dark Web is relatively easy. Once Tor is downloaded, the user is confronted by a disarmingly simple interface:


Source: Author’s Screenshot

Once the user clicks ‘Start Tor,’ a specially modified version of Mozilla Firefox opens up, and voila, you are now connected to the Dark Web. Upon being connected, you are assigned an IP address. For this specific session, I was assigned 

Looking this IP up in a simple Google search, I found that I was now located in Bern, Switzerland, and that the IP address I was using had been associated with a “forum spammer.”

Since I didn’t want to surf the web under the guise of a known spammer, I simply asked to use a new identity, and voila, I was now using the Internet from Hamburg, Germany.

One very cool feature of Tor is that it also shows the actual linkages for your specific browsing session:

Tor Map

Tor notes that: “The network map consists of a map of the world, with red pinpoints indicating the geographic location of relays in the Tor network. Green lines are drawn between relays to indicate the path of circuits that your Tor client has created through the Tor network.” (Tor Help).

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