Welcome to my Multimodal Project for Professor Stenger’s English-331: Digital Culture class at Wheaton College in Norton, MA.

This project will explore the contentious subject of the ‘Other Internet’ – that is, what some call the Deep Web or Dark Web. Specifically, I hope this project will serve a dual purpose as an argument-driven work that will come to a conclusion about subcultures and deviancy on the Dark Web, while simultaneously being a one-stop shop for information on the Dark Web.

While this is meant as my final project, I intend on leaving it open to future revisions. I hope that you, the reader, will contact me with questions, comments, or information regarding something that I may have missed in my research, and hope that over time, this website will become a central focal point for those interested in the Dark Web.

I hope you find my work interesting and useful. To start exploring the project, please click to the next page….

Click here to continue to Working Terms

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